Here at Keswick Equine Clinic, we work around the clock to bring the very best care to your animal and the most through diagnosis to you. Our utmost priority is for both equine partner and owner to be satisfied with our services. Thank you for leaving them at our care, and providing us with these wonderful testimonials!

"I wanted to share a story about a sweet rescue donkey we adopted, His name was Tiki. He was rescued from an Auction house in 2019 as a yearling along with his pasture mate Utah.

Dr. Vardell took him under her wing and helped in care for 3 years as he battled a few health concerns. I am incredibly thankful for the care he received during that time. Dr. Vardell would promptly call me back and listen intently to my concerns devising a plan each and every time.

In September this year Tiki came down with a swollen jaw. Due to another Emergency, Dr.  Vardell could not come out. Keswick Equine Clinic was on it providing me with Dr. Jones.

Dr. Jones worked vigorously to ensure we got to the bottom of the issue even reaching out to major Equine hospitals in VA and NC to get us the answer we needed since his situation was outside typical care. I am equally as greatful for her dedication to us and her patient.

Sadly, Tiki had a major medical anomaly and dispite all possible efforts we lost our dear Tiki. Keswick Equine Clinic was there for us every step of the way even donating to their foundation "Pearl's Pink Bucket Fund" in Tiki's name.

Dr. Jones, her assistant and everyone at the clinic went above and beyond for us that day and to this day."

The Kidwells

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