Reproductive Services in Gordonsville, VA

Also Serving Orange, Barboursville, Charlottesville, Scottsville, Louisa, Palmyra, Ruckersville, & Madison!

There are many facets to reproductive medicine from following heat cycles, uterine treatments, and insemination, to collecting stallions, analyzing semen, and all the way to following pregnancies and foals being born!

Mare Services

Services provided for mares include diagnostic work-ups on infertile mares, artificial insemination, ultrasonographic pregnancy diagnosis, twin reduction, pregnant mare care, obstetrics, and consultation of foaling management.

Foal Services

Services for foals include an IgG test within the first 24hrs, an overall health exam, administering plasma or colostrum as needed, and limb care (such as Oxytet for contracted tendons or splinting for angular limb deformities).

Other Services:

  • Emergency Services for Dystocia
  • Lavaging for a retained placenta
  • Cosmetic Suturing for large foaling tears
  • Flushing for an Embryo Transfer
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